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Abbott Hong Kong
Ace Pharmaceuticals Ltd
AstraZeneca Hong Kong Limited
B. Braun Medical (HK) Ltd.
Bai Ling Pharmaceutical Limited
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Hong Kong Medicine Management Limited
Chan Li Chai Medical Factory (HK) Ltd
Chan Lo Yi Medicine Co Ltd
Cheung Kong Health Product Co., Ltd.
Chi Lik Medicine Factory
China International Pharmaceutical (Holding) Corporation Limited
China Tsai Sang Tong Medical
Eli Lilly Asia, IN
Etta Trading Co Ltd
Eu Yan Sang (HK) Ltd
Europharm Laboratories Company Limited
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Limited
Fresenius Kabi Asia Pacific Ltd.
Gambro China Ltd.
Good Field Trading Development Limited
Great Eastern Medicine Mfy (HK) Branch
Han Sheng Tang Herbal Technologies Co Ltd
Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Limited
Herbal-T (HK) Limited
Ho Chai Kung Medicine Manufactory Limited
Ho Sai Cheong Medicine Factory
Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow Mfy Ltd
Hong Kong Chien Cao Tong Medical Limited
Hong Kong Lee Man Shan Medicine Manufacturing Ltd
Jing Du Yang Sheng Tang Chinese Herbal Manufacturing Ltd
Kun Wing Fook Medicine Co Ltd
Kung Kee Hong Wing Hing
Kwan Dong Tung Pak Tong Medicine Mfy Ltd
Kwan Tung Pak Yuen Tong
Lai Sing Medicine Factory Limited
Lap Chi Pharmaceutical Company
Leepharm Enterprises Limited
Leon Trading Co
Leung Kai Fook (Axe Brand) Medical Co Ltd
Leung Pui Kee Medical Fty
Leung Wah Medicine Co Ltd
Li Chung Shing Tong (Holding) Ltd
Life Pharmaceutical Limited
Ling Chi Medicine Co (HK) Ltd
Ling Nam Medicine Factory (HK) Ltd
Long Far Herbal Medicine Mfg (HK) Ltd
Long Shan Pharmaceutical Limited
Luen Wah (HK) Medicine Ltd
Luxembourg Medicine Co Ltd
Ma Pak Leung Co Ltd
Marching Pharmaceutical Limited
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Ltd.
Nagatomo International Trading Co
Nan San (HK) Pharmaceutical Factory Ltd
Nanyang Medicine Fty
Nin Jiom Medicine Mfy (HK) Ltd
Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd.
Nu-West Natural Products Corp Ltd
Ocean Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited
Organon (Hong Kong) Ltd
Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd.
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited
Po Sum On Medicine Fty Ltd
Po Yan Woo Ng Po Oil Medicine And Wine Factory
Poon Goor Soe
Roche Hong Kong Ltd.
Sam Seng Herbal Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Sanofi Synthelabo H.K. Ltd
Schering Limited
Schering-Plough Division of SOL Ltd
Shin Kee Drug Co Ltd
Singapore Medicine Co
SinoMab Bioscience Limited
Tai Kong Ind'l (Holdings) Co Ltd
Tak Thai Tong Chinese Medicine Factory Limited
TCM Universal Pharmaceuticals Factory
Truth & Faith International Limited
Tung Fong Hung Medicine Co Ltd
UCB Pharma Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Universal Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd
Wai Yuen Cheong & Co Ltd
Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd
Waton Foundation Limited
Way On Tienchi Co Ltd
Wealthy Creative Health Food Limited
Wing Hong Medicine Company
Wing On Medicine Company
Winsor Health Products Ltd
Wong Cheung Wah Lau Hang Tong Medicine Fty
Wong Tai Chiu Medicine Mfg
Wyeth (HK) Limited
Yee Tin Tong Ltd
Yeung Ng Tong Medical Mfy Ltd
Yick Fat Co
Ying Kut Lee Medicine Factory Ltd
Yuen Sang Hong Co Ltd

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