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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Marching Pharmaceutical Limited 

Rm 7 10/F., Blk. B,
Vigor Ind Bldg,
14-20 Cheung Tat Rd,
Tsing Yi 
Hong Kong 

Tel#: 24326993

E-Mail: info@marching.com.hk  
Web: www.marching.com.hk  

Marching had its humble beginning in 1968 as a dispensary and pharmaceutical
wholesaler. In 1984, the company was reorganized into a corporation, and named Marching Pharmaceutical Ltd. It has since become one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of high quality branded and generic ethical and OTC products as well as a contract manufacturer of the other pharmaceutical companies in Hong Kong. Presently, its products are widely marketed in the domestic market, and through direct & indirect exports. 

Fedra-Gel-S Chewable Tablet 
Maritidine Tablet 400mg
Mar-Loper Capsule
Infant-Sed Syrup
Martulose Solution
Marsec Capsule 20mg
Marfloxacin Capsule 200mg
Maproxacin Capsule 100mg
Cyfloxin Capsule 250mg
Can Vaginal Tablet 100mg
Marphazole Tablet 200mg
Aclovirax Cream 5%
Alphate Cream
Marching Analgesic Cream 
Clotrim-B Cream 
Dermafacte Cream
Micosol Cream 
Neoclobet Cream
Glipizide Tablet 5mg
Arthritil Capsule 300mg
Arthritil Plus Capsule
Artrolin-F Capsule
Aclovirax Tablet 200mg
Coci-Fedra Syrup 
Flu-Zep Tablet 
Cocillana Syrup
MarFlu-X Capsule
Marsedyl Elixir
Marsedyl Tablet
Mucolex Tablet 300mg
Recoma Tablet 30mg
Calibo Chewable Tablet
Calibo Multivitamin Syrup
Calibo Calcium Syrup
Cevizo Chewable Tablet 250mg (orange favour)
Neuro-vit Tablet
Vitabo-Cal Chewable Tablet 
Cobalamin SC Tablet 100mg


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