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ATC EnergyTech Corporation Limited
Aupo Electronics Ltd
Bannsan Industrial Ltd
Billion Nice Industries Ltd
Cegretta Co Ltd
Century Circuits Technology Limited
Con Centric Circuits Co. Ltd.
Daisho Microline Ltd
Evergreen P.C.B. Factory Limited
Finenet Electronic Circuit Ltd
Hip Wah P.C.B Ltd.
Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd.
Ibiden Hong Kong Co Ltd
Kin Yip (China) P. C. Board Co. Ltd.
Kingtech PCB Ltd.
Letra Co Ltd
Linpo Technology Ltd
Luen Fung P.C. Board Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Many Industries Co
Meadville Technologies Group Ltd
Meiko Elec. (H.K.) Co. Ltd.
Merix Corporation Interconnect Solutions
Multek Hong Kong Ltd.
Multi Circuit Board (China) Limited
Nippon Circuits Ltd.
Okuno Engineering (H.K.) Ltd
Onpress Printed Circuits Ltd.
Opal Electronics Co
OPC Manufacturing Ltd.
Oriental Printed Circuits Ltd.
Practical Industrial (HK) Ltd
Potechnics Printed Circuits Ltd.
Red Board Ltd.
Santis Substrates Ltd.
Sky Tech Circuits Company Limited
South China Enterprises (HK) Ltd
Tat Chun Printed Circuit Board Company Limited
TeamPower Circuits Board Ltd
Techwise Circuits Company Limited
Topsearch Printed Circuits (HK) Ltd.
Universal Printed Circuit Co. Ltd.
Uniwell Electronic Limited
Viasystems Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.
Waysun (China) Enterprises Ltd
Wei Ken Industries Company
Welfare Printed Circuits Board Co., Ltd.
World Mastery Technology Ltd.
Wu Zhou Circuit Group Limited
Yan Tat (HK) Ind. Ltd.
Yue Wah Circuits Co Ltd

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