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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) 3 Wells Watch Industries Limited

Able Timepieces Ltd.

quartz analog watches

Accutme Watch Mfg. Co.

complete watches

Acme Watch Industries

complete analogue quartz watches

Action Pacific (HK) Ltd.

Adtech Time Ltd.
watch & clock
Advance Watch Co. (Far East) Ltd.
complete watch & clock

Alconda Watch Limited


Alsiapaca Pmcy Limited

Quartz Analog Watches, Mechanical Watches

Anmacs Limited

analogue quartz watches

Ariel Watch & Jewelry Limited


Aristocrat Inc

analogue quartz watches

Artalie Company Ltd.

complete watches, watchcases

Artco Limited

watches, clocks
Artistic Watch Mfy. Ltd.
watch manufacturing

Art Style Jewelry and Watch Manufacturer

925 Sterling Silver Watches & other accessories

Asia Commercial Co. Ltd.

watch manufacturing

Asino Co. Ltd.

complete watches, watch movements

Aska Watch Products Mfy. Ltd.

complete watches, watch movements

Axor International Ltd.

quartz analog watches

Basco Watch Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

watch, watch parts
Beckbond Company Ltd.
quartz analog watches
Bell International Ltd.

Best Fortune Times Ltd.

LCD watch, QA watch, Lcd Game & calculator

Bestimever Ltd.

complete watches, clocks

Better Time Industrial Limited

completed watches
Bon Jour Industries Ltd.
quartz analogue watches & clocks

Bonic Precision Industrial Company

complete watches

Bonica Precision Limited

complete watches

Braddon Industries Ltd.

analog watch & mini table clock
Cambridge Manufactory
watches, watches gift set

Carich Industrial Limited

quartz analogue watches, L.C.D. watches, quartz clocks, pocket watches, polystone clocks

Casio Computer (Hong Kong) Ltd.

electronic watch, calculator, electronic music equipment

Central Route Ltd.

watch, watch bands

Chartrick Industries Ltd.

digital clock, timer, watch

Chee Fat Industrial Co.

flash watch, plastic analog watch, plastic digital watch

Chit Tat Clock & Watch Co. Ltd.


Christina Watch Company Limited

quartz analog watch, LCD watch, mechanical watch

Chung Nam Watch Co. Ltd.

watches, watchcases, watch bands, others

Chu-Nichi Electricity Development Ltd.

Jewellery watch

Citime Manufacturing Limited

promotion watch, license watch, OEM watch

City Life Co. Ltd.


Clarity Ltd.

watch, clock

Classic Group Enterprises Ltd.

wrist watches

CNS Fortune Trading Limited

watches, components

Combo Ltd.

complete watches

Comfort Watch Company

quartz analog watches

Coming Technology Limited

quartz analog watch

Condor (HK) Ltd.

classical watches, casual wtches, watch straps

Constant Industrial Company

quartz analog, automatic watches

Contin Ltd.


Correo Ltd.

complete watches

Corson Industrial Company

quartz watches, watch cases, watch bands, watch dials

Country Time Industries Limited

quartz analogue watches
Creative Choice Ltd.
quartz analog watches

Crystal Electronic Enterprises Co. Ltd.

complete watches

Dailywin Watch Products Mfg. Ltd.

watch cases, watch movements, complete watches

De-Luxe Time Ltd.

complete watches

Derrick Law (Export Sales) Ltd.

electronic watches

Dickford Industries Limited

analog watch

Dominion Watch Co. Ltd.

quartz analog watches

Double Chin Ltd.

plastic toys, clock, LCD watch, electronic toys

Dragon Bond Ltd.

watch bands, complete watches

Durgas Watch Company (HK) Ltd.

Q/A complete watches (for all type)

Dynahero Limited

complete watches (Necklace/ Brooch watch, ring watch, cufflinks watch)

E & C Watch Enterprise Ltd.

pocket watches, waist watches

Earn Mark Co. Ltd

complete watches

East Asia Watch Manufacturing (HK)Ltd.

mechanical, quartz analogue watches

Eastern Glory Watch Mfg. Company

watch cases

Eastern Star Metal Products Mfg. Ltd.

watch cases

EC (Asia) Ltd.


Egana-Haru Mfr. Corp. Limited

complete watches

Espwin Limited

quartz analog watch

Everest Time Limited


Evertrade Development Ltd..

Complete watch

Fanasia Electronics Ltd.

electronic watches, calculators games

Fander Co. Ltd.

analog quartz watch, mechanical watch

Fanisia International Ltd.

complete watches

Fat Kee Jewelry & Watch Co. Ltd.

watches, LCD, clock

Filluck International Limited

complete watch, watch parts

Flexico Company Limited

complete watches

Fong Yuen Watch & Design Limited

complete watch, gift & premium watch, watch design
Freeman Company
Fu Yuen Watch And Crafts Co. Ltd.
Gafull Watch Ltd.
complete watches
Global Watch Limited
complete watches
Gofkid Limited
watch, leather goods, Tie, other durffee
Gold Fong Watch Company Limited
Ms Grace Wong
Golden City Watch Manufactory Limited
quartz analog watch (fashion/dressey/jewellery/high water resistant/sporty)
Golden Ebauch Limited
complete watch
Gordon C & Co. Ltd.
Grand Glory Manufacturing Limited
complete watches
Great Progress (H.K.) Ltd.
complete watches
Guvana Watch Industries Limited
analogue quartz watches & clocks
Hanlet Industries Limited
Harbour Source Industrial Limited
quartz analog watches
Hang Fine (HK) Enterprises
Helux Trading Co. Ltd.
Herald Electronics Ltd.
quartz analog watches, mechanical watches, LCD watches
High Peak Watch Products Manufactory Co. Ltd.
analog quartz watch
Hi-Lite Watch Co. Ltd.
analog watch, mechanical watch
Himali Electronics International
quartz watches
Hind Corporation
watches (quartz)
Hind International Investment Ltd.
ZZYZX, Empress, Lifestar, Sudima
Hon Kit Hong Watches Co. Ltd.
analogue watches, automatic watches
Hondy Far East Limited
clock movement, complete clocks
The Overseas Watch Co. Ltd.
complete watches

Sun Time Industrial Ltd.


Sun Time Precision (HK) Ltd.

quartz analog watches

Sunrise Watch Co.

complete watches

Sun's Union Watch Manufacturer Limitedd

analogue watches

Sunstar Jewellery Ltd.

gemstone watches

Suntron Inernational Limited

quartz watches

Swisstime Hong Kong Ltd.

analog quartz watches

Tai Ping & Company

complete watches (quartz analog watches)

Tai Wah Watch Company Ltd.

quartz analog watches

Tak Shing Hong Watch Co. (H.K.) Ltd.


Tak Shing Trading Co.

machines, complete watches, watch bands

T-Arts Int'l (H.K.) Co.

Q.A. watches

Team Gain International Ltd.

watches, clocks

Tech-Bond Timepieces Co.


Tembo Electronics Ltd.

quartz watch

The Overseas Watch Co. Ltd.

complete watches

The Watch & Connection


Thousand Way Watch Mfy. Ltd.

pocket watch

Time Fashion Enterprises Co.

Time Force Ltd.
completed watches
Time Industrial Manufactory Ltd.
analog watches, clocks
Time Union Manufacturing Ltd.
quality analog & mechanical watches, OEM
Time Wannel Electronic Co. Ltd.
LCD timer, analogue watch
Time Zone Industries Ltd.
analog, quartz watch, gift sets
Timeflex Manufacturing Ltd.
quartz watches, digital watches
Timefocus Electronics Co. Ltd.
analogue quartz watch
Timnos Ltd.
complete watches, watch cases
Ting Fung Industrial Co. Ltd.
complete watch, OEM
TMX Hong Kong Limited
Tomer Electronics & Watch Co. Ltd.
quartz analog watches
Top Quality Metal (Watch Bands) Mfy.
quartz analogue watch
Topole Time Co. Ltd.
quartz analog watch
Trade Mix Company Limited
analogue quartz watch, LCD watch

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