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Acme Sanitary Engineering Co. Ltd.
Asia Development Ltd.
ATAL Engineering Ltd
BeSpark Technologices Engineering Ltd.
Brand New Sanitech Co. Ltd
Brighten Building Materials Ltd.
Bun Kee (International) Ltd
Chartered Enghineering Co.
Cheung Fung Engineering Co., Ltd.
Cheung Hing Foundry Ltd.
Cheung Hing Metal Factory
Chi Chiu Engineering Co. Ltd
Chun Lee Engineering Co., Ltd
Chung Chun Engineering Co., Ltd.
Chung Wing Iron Works (International) Ltd.
Dextra Pacific Ltd.
Express Glass-Fibre Industrial Co.
Extensive Trading Co., Ltd
Fai Tak Engineering Co., Ltd
Fook Loong (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Fortune Plumbing and Electrical Company Ltd
Gent-Year Metal Foundry Ltd.
H.K. Steel Limited
Hang Fung Pipes Co., Ltd.
Hang Tat Heating Systems Consultant Co., Ltd.
Hauken Engineering Co., Ltd.
Hilti (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Ho Biu Kee Construction Eng., Co., Ltd.
Hotpool Industries Ltd.
IES (Hong Kong) Ltd.
ITT Water & Wastewater Hong Kong Ltd.
Jumbo Rich Building Supplies LTD.
Kammon Plumbing & Drainage Eng., Ltd.
Kembla (HK) Limited
Kimsion Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Ltd.
Kitson Plumbing Co Ltd.
L.K. Yih & Co., Ltd.
Lee Yu Kee Ltd.
Legend Plastic Ltd.
Majestic Plumbing Engineers Ltd.
MasterWay-Bolton Ltd.
Ming Hop Co., Ltd
Meet Stream Company Limited
New House Trading Company Ltd.
Pak Shing Plumbing & Engineering Limited
Pan Asian Water Solutions (HK) Limited
Paul Y. -ITC (E&M) Contractors Ltd.
Pesway International Ltd.
Pipemate International Limited.
Purdon King (International) Ltd.
Pyrofoe (M/E) Engineering Company
RAFT (E&M) Engineering Ltd.
Ridgid Plumbing Ltd.
REC Engineering Company Limited
S'Wah Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sam Sun Leung Lee (Foundry)
Sandbrook Ltd.
Shing Shun Eng., Factory Co., Ltd.
Shun Lee Building Materials & Cleaning Equipment Ltd. 
Shing Cheong Engineering Co., Ltd.
Splendor Water Fittings Ltd.
Sun First International Ltd.
Sun Force Flow Equipment Co. Ltd.
Sun Kong Engineering Ltd.
Sunbon Engineering Ltd.
Superpower Pumping Engineering Co., Ltd
Swedish Trading Company Limited
Tai Kee
The Universal Hardware & Plastic Factory Ltd.
Token Eng., Ltd.
Tung Shing Hardware Co., Ltd
Tyco Water Hong Kong
Wah Luen Foundry Factory
Wealthmark Ltd.
Welson Metal & Sanitary ware Mfy.
Wing Fat Plumbing Limited
Wing Lee Hardware & Electrical Equipment Co.Ltd.
Wing Luen Foundry
Wing Shing Engineer International Co., Ltd.
Wo Hing Manufacturing Co.
Wong Po Kee Ltd.
Yiu Shing Engineering (HK) Co., Ltd.
Yue Hing Machine Factory Ltd.
Yuen Cheong Engineering Co., Ltd
Yung Kee Engineering Ltd.
Zenith International Enterprise Ltd.



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