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Active Power Electronics Company Ltd
AL Goodwell Industries Ltd
Aries Electronics Component Limited
Computime Ltd
DC Corporation (HK) Ltd
EIC International Co Ltd
Elkay International (HK) Ltd
Excelpoint systems (HK) Ltd
Gelwin Technolgy Ltd
General United Electronics Ltd
Global Supplies HK Ltd
G - Tek Scientific Ltd
Henasia Components Ltd
Hi - San Resources (Overseas) Ltd
Holito Electronic Limited
Hong Kong Satori Co Ltd
K. Aidomall (Hong Kong) Ltd
Karce Company Limited
Kasavir Enterprises (Hong Kong) Ltd
Lucas Trading Co Ltd
Master Instrument Corp HK Ltd
Micro Electronics Limited
Progress Components Ltd
Protech Century Ltd
Rectron (Hong Kong) Ltd
South China Enterprises (HK) Ltd
Suffice Electronics Ltd
Tak Cheong Semiconductor Co Ltd
Vincent Master Ltd
Well Genius Trading Ltd
Wellex Electronics Co Ltd

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