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50HZ Electric Limited
A-Tech Electronic
ABA Technology Limited
Abba Industrial Limited
Able (International) Limited
Abol Marketing Services Limited
Access Asia (H.K.) Limited
Accutone Technologies Limited
ACE Electronics Ltd
Acmexx (H.K.) Company Limited
Action Multi Media Company
Actiway Industrial Co
Addnew Technologies Limited
Advance Bright Limited
Advance Mega Multimedia Co. Limited
Advanced Electronics Energy Limited
Advanced Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Advanced Sun Wah Electronic Co., Ltd.
Advanced Timer Technologies Limited
A E I Advanced Electronics Industry Limited
Affinity Electronics Limited
Affluent Harvest International Limited
Afrikon Industrial Co., Ltd.
Aibusi International Development Limited
Aiko Beauty Products Limited
Airtek Corporation
Aitkenson International (Far East) Ltd
Alco International Ltd
Alford Industries Limited
Ality Ltd
Allimeter Technology (H.K.) Co., Limited
Alpha United Industrial Limited
Amcor Limited
America Bestmeter Instrument Co., Limited
Amplus Industrial Limited
AMT Union Company Limited
Ansen Electronics Co.
An Yang Trading Company
Anbonn (HK) Limited
Aniko Electronics
Anka Manufacturing Company Limited
Anposi Products Ltd
Ansa Industries Company Ltd.
ANSMANN Energy International Limited
Antonio Precise Products Manufactory Limited
Anubis International Company Limited
Arco Electronics Limited
Armstrong Industrial Limited
Art Power Plastic & Electronic Factory Limited
Artbo Company
Artchief Industries Limited
Artech Electronics Limited
Artix Industries Company Limited
Asia Tai (Hong Kong) Limited
Asiacorp International Limited
Asian Mobile Accessories Limited
Asko Industrial Limited
Atech Scientific Measurement Limited
ATM Limited
Atrend Enterprise Limited
Auraland Investments Ltd
Automatic Manufacturing Ltd.
Avail Industrial Limited
Avantec Manufacturing Limited
AZ Instrument Corp. Ltd
Aztech Systems (Hong Kong) Limited
Azusa Group Limited
BB Products China Limited
Bellmate Holdings Limited
Bestlink Electronics Limited
Betterhome Appliance Company Limited
Blue Whale Limited
Bobolink Industrial Limited
Bopak Limited
Brilliant Rich Electronics Limited
Brilliant Concepts International Limited
Brilliant System Limited
BSE Technology Limited
BST International Limited
BT-Links Company Limited
Caltek Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited
Cameron Sino Technology Limited
Canton International Enterprise Limited
Capital Perfect Limited
Capital Prospect Limited
Carrin Electronics Company Limited
Catiga Electronics Company Limited
Chabridge Electronics Limited 
Champstar Limited
Chartrick Industries Limited
Chi King Electronics Ltd.
Chi Tat Enterprise Co
China Projectors Group
Chows Industrial (China) Limited
Chun Shing Electronic (Hong Kong) Company 
Chung Pak Battery Works Ltd.
Cobalt Industrial Company Limited
Coby Manufacturing Co Ltd
Creative Products Technology (HK) Ltd
C.S.Channel Ltd
Da & Fong Industrial Ltd.
Daily Ease Industrial Limited
Dazzle Manufacturing Limited
Diffany Development Company Limited
DOMA International
E-Digit Technology Limited
Eastern Asia Technology (HK) Limited
Eks Asia Limited
Emperor Corporation (HK) Limited
Ever Step Development Ltd
First Champion Technology Limited
Flying Dragon Development Limited
Flying Dragon Electronic Co., Limited
Fook Tin Technologies Limited
Fortex Industrial Limited
Fortune Power Corporation Limited
Fuhua Electronic (H.K.) Co., Limited
Futec Products Limited
G & B Enterprise Asia Ltd
Garvan Enterprises Limited
GEM International (Hong Kong) Limited
Germain Electronic Limited
Glory Star Group Limited
Greentech Group Limited
Hankey Asia (H.K.) Limited
Hideki Electronics Limited
Hikari Industries Limited
Hing Lee Electronics Company
Hong Kong Uranus Investment Company Limited
Honhai Enterprise (HK) Co
HONSIN Technology (HK) Limited
Honyo International Industrial Limited
IQ Hong Kong Limited
Jasonic (H.K.) Electronics Company Limited
Jiameikang (HK) Technology Limited
Keenpoint Industrial Group Ltd
Ketai Instrument (HK) Company Limited
Kinforce Intellectual Technology Limited
KJI Industrial Limited
Klegg Audio Asia Limited
Kwan Tat Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Kwonnie Industries Limited
Lain Fung International (H.K.) Limited
Latitude Limited
Laurina Company Limited
Lenmar Enterprises (H.K.) Limited
Mainfair Products Development Company Limited
Meet (China) Limited
Meinon (H.K.) Electronic Co., Limited
Metek Industrial Company Limited
Minwa Electronics Co Ltd
MSC International Holdings Limited
Newstar Communication Co., Limited
Ngai Tung Hardware Mfg. Limited
Nicco Industries Company Limited
Nuopo Industries Company Limited
Organix Concept Limited
Phonetech International Limited
Prism Technology Limited
Power Glory Battery Tech (HK) Company Limited 
Power View Industrial Limited 
Red Lemon Incorporation 
Rise Manufacturing Limited 
Shinning Time Industrial Ltd. 
Sky Light Industrial Limited
Sonca Products Limited
South China House Of Technology Consultants 
Specialthing International Company Limited
Starking Limited
Sun Fu Cheong Electronics Co Ltd
Sunfield Ind Co Ltd
Sunhing Millennium Limited
Tak Shun (Lam's) Company Limited
TCU International Limited
Ten Forward Limited 
Titek Electronics Limited
Top Union (Far East) Limited 
Totex Limited
Trend Links International Limited
Union Industries (Hong Kong) Limited
Union Team Limited
Vigor Plastic Industrial Co Ltd
Vmark International Limited
Wai Fung Holdings Limited
Winner Group Limited
Wo Hing Radio Company Limited
Woodtai Enterprises Ltd.
Xonix Watch Company Limited
Yuan Da Electronic (HK) Co., Limited
Yuen Fook Industrial Company Limited

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