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Affluence (China) Limited
Art-Ko Far East Limited
Bill Kee Plastics Pigments Limited
CGI Chemicals (HK) Limited
Basic Dyes for paper, dyes for ink, phthalocyanine pigments, solvent dyes for paints & wood stains, solvent dyes for plastics, synthetic iron oxide pigments
Chematco Limited
China Paint Manufacturing Company (1946) Limited
2 pack epoxy enamels, alkyd enamels, architectural coatings, baking enamels, emulsion paints, laccquers, metal primes, nitrocellulose laccquers, primers, pu parquet clear finish, putties, thinner, undercoats, varnishes
Chung Kong Chemical Company Limited
Chung Yuen Pigment Company
Dah Bang Printing Ink Manufacturing Limited
Daihei Industrial (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Dunwed Petro Chemical Co Ltd
Import metal cutting fluids for magnesium, aluminium alloy and ferrous metals parts machining
Goldex Chemtech Company Ltd
Bath foam, bath oil, bubbles liquid, cd & cassette tape cleaners, cleansing milk, cologne, conditioner, cream soap, dishwashing liquid, domestic cleansers, fabric softeners, hair gel, hand waterless lotion, laundry detergents, liquid soap, shampoos, skin lotion, tonic
En Chuan Chemical Industrials (China) Limited
Adhesives, silicone rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, unsaturated polyester resins
Fujifilm Sericol Hong Kong Limited
Goopa Limited
H A C S Chemicals Company Ltd
Domestic cleanser, industrial cleanser, Chemical analysis testing, chemical consultancy, water treatment
Heraeus Limited
Ceramic Colours, gold plating salt, gold silver platinum palladium ingots, karat gold alloy additives, liquid gold, lusters, palladium plating salt, rhodium solution, silver plating salt, solder paste, surface mount adhesives, titanium anodes
Hing Kee (United) Company
Adhesives, Chlorinated solvents, inorganic chemical materials, petroleum solvents
Hip Lip Plastic Colourists Company Limited
House of Kwong Sang Hong Limited, The
Aromatic cologne, colour cosmetics, cosmetic cream, florida water, gift sets, hair oil, paper products, posters, toiletries
Island Pigments Company


Kam Yan Dyestuff Hong
Kenlap P.G.C. Manufacturer Company Limited
Loyal Enterprise Company
Construction chemicals, electronic chemicals, epoxy compounds, gem like resins, seamless flooring
Mandarin Company
Men Power Industrial Company
PME International Company Ltd
Abrasive Coated belts, nylon pads, adhesive tapes, bar compounds, buffing compounds, buffing wheels, cotton buffing wheels, glue, grains, grind stone, grinding media, masks, metal cleanser, polishes, pumice powder, sanding paper, pumice powder


Lubricant Oil
Prasin Enterprises Corporation
Puro Polymers Limited
R & B Chemicals (International) Company Limited
Button Resins, crystal resins, decoration resins, fire resistance resins, FRP Resins, gel coat resins, marble resins, phenolic resins, pultrusion resins, rtm resins, shipping body resins, smc resins, twist resins
Rambo Plastic Material Company Limited
Rocal Far East Limited
Rocker Trading Company Limited
Sun Hing (Hong Kong ) Limited
Sun Wing Hing Coatings Limited
Sun Yuen Hong Petroleum Chemical Limited
Turbo Petro-Chemical Industry
Tze Kun Plastic Materials Limited
Uni-Tech Oil & Chemical Limited
Victory Paint Manufacturing Company Limited
Acid Curing Enamel, automotive spraying lacquers, baking enamel, brushinglacquers, contact adhesives, emulsion paints, enamel paints, epoxy enamel, gloss latex paints, plastic paints, primers, pu paints, pvc lacquers, spraying lacquers
Vast Clever Development Limited
Wing Cheong Tai Technical Chemical Company
Woo Hing Plastic Colorists Company Limited
Yip's Hang Cheung (Holdings) Limited
Adhesives, Lubicant, Mixed solvents, paints, manufacturer
Zhong Hua Fang Da (Hong Kong) Ltd
Sodium Cyclamate, Food additives manufacturer

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