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Au's The Long Life Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Ltd
Beauti Tools Ltd
Berni Beauty Products Ltd.
Cheung's Hair Beauty Co Ltd
Clover Manufacturers Ltd
Hayco Manufacturing Ltd
Heng Lee Brush Fty
Heung Wing Brush Fty
Hong Luen Health Products Factory
Kai Fat Brush Factory Ltd
Ki Hing Trading Co Ltd
Laptide Industries Ltd
Lee Chung Kee Plastic Brush Factory Ltd
Long Sure Industries Ltd
Lucky Industrial (HK) Co
Lung Tain (Brothers) Company Ltd
Man Chung Brush Factory
Man Fung Brush Products Fty Ltd
Manny Plastic Products Co Ltd
Maxkind Ind Ltd
National Brushes & Plastic Manufactory Limited
Pa Shun Industries (China) Co Ltd
Pak Mane Brush Factory
Po Wah Brush Factory Co Ltd
Prominent Company
Shun Chit Making Brush Fty
Sin Mok Brush Factory Ltd
Sponge-King Corp Ltd
Sun Sang Plastics Fty Ltd
Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co Ltd
Tung Fat Brush Mfy Ltd
Varicraft Manufactory Ltd
Wessen Ind Ltd
Zahoransky (Asia) Limited
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