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Address Room717, Cheung sha Wan Plaza 1, 833 Cheung Sha Wan Road ,Kln.Hk. 
Telephone 24461009 
Fax 24461004 
E-Mail teiwz.hk@163.com  
Homepage www.teiwe.com  


Teiwz Clock and Watches Co., Ltd is a multifarious company engaging in international watches designing and producing. Our company has already been the agent of Swiss brand “TEIWZ” and has succeed in investing and promoting the brands of “TEIWZ” in the whole world and China, where many retail stores now are selling our watches. It is famous to many people that in 1988, we successfully invent and investigate the rustless chinaware with resistance of mechanical attacks. In the forthcoming years, we make uses of the valuable experience from the past decades and new techniques to investigate in the hard tungsten steel and pioneer the production of the brightest tungsten in the world. 
We have persisted in designing and producing the best quality tungsten and chinaware watches. We are successfully sold the products to the countries across the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc. Compared to watches can offer advantages including non-attrition, brightness, rustless, fadeless and resistance of mechanical attacks. Other than its distinctive hardness, the tungsten watches also can be sharpened into various kinds of edges and patterns. Hence, the innovative aspect of watch design has been enhanced. In addition, even tungsten is sliver in nature, the watches can be turned into gold or black through electroplating. 
We purchase the best materials, use the most modern equipment, employ the most skillful professionals in designing. We have our own brand name “TEIWZ”and are willing to offer the OEM and ODM services. 
Although our company has got many appraise from various users and buyers, we still have a very long way to thorough success. We will try our best and effort to improve the quality of the watches so as to satisfy the various needs of the customers. 


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