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Address Room 2303 Soundwill Plaza, 38 Russell St. Causeway Bay, HK 
Telephone 852-29040928 
Fax 852-29040922 
E-Mail info@jointasia.com  
Web: www.joinasia.com 

We are the company producing sterling silver watches. 

Our products are high in quality and unique in design. We can always assure our final products to be consistent with customers’ specifications. 

We have introduced a unique forming technology from Italy and we are the first company in the South East Asia to use this method to produce 925 Sterling Silver items. 

Comparing to the traditional casting and stamping items, forming method is more flexible and innumerable in the innovation of the crooked shape. The new series jewelry items are made of sterling 925 silver. Instead of the hollow design of the body, it comes with a solid hard case. 

The production plant of our company is located in Asia. We have skilled workers and imported machinery from Italy. There is no minimum order quantity required. 

Health - Timers;Privates Brandname Clocks & Timers;Designer Watches;Wholsales - Watches & Clocks;Import/Export - Watches & Clocks; 
Brand Vatican License;KNIGHTS OF AFRICA;TESLAR-USA shield 


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