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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Javys International Ltd.

Address 4/F Casey Building, 38 Lok ku Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 
Telephone 852-2543-2991 
Fax 852-2815-2406 
E-Mail sales@javys.com  
Homepage www.javys.com  

Established 1977 
Distributors of Japanese Brands:Casio,Hario,Takara.

Analog Clocks;Digitals & Analog_Digital Clocks;Mechanical Clocks;Timers & Meters;Premiums Clocks;Wall Clock;Table/Desk Clocks;Travel Clocks;Sports - Timers;Health - Timers;Basic - Timers;OEM Clocks & Timers;Privates Brandname Clocks & Timers;Licences Brandname Clocks & Timers;Analog Quartz Watches;Privates Brandname Watches;Mechanical Watches;Digitals & Analog_Digital Watches;Sports Watches;Pocket/Accessory Watches;Designer Watches;Promotional Watches;OEM Watches;Licences Brandname Watches


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