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Company Name: Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Limited  
Address: Lam Soon Building, 
21 Dai Fu Street, 
Tai Po Industrial Estate, 
Tai Po, N.T. Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 2680 3388 
Fax: +852 2680 4069 
Contact Person:  
email: webmaster@lamsoon.com.hk  
Website: www.lamsoon.com.hk 
Products: eatable oil, detergent, flour,
Brand: American Roses, Golden Statue, super locomotive, crown, L'arce De Triomphe, knife oil, red lantern oil,  axe  dishwash, labour dishwash, pow launder powder
Profile Lam Soon has set up flour mills, oil plants, refineries and factories at prime locations in China, which enhances the efficient delivery of oil and flour products to all parts of the country. Sales offices are set up in China's strategic cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, and extended to Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjin, Shenzhen, and Shantou. This extensive distribution network does not only allow us to achieve high operational efficiency, but has also enable it to provide high quality and reliable products and services to customers.

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