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Splendid Electronics International Ltd

Address Hong Kong:  No.21 Chatham Road, 8/F, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong

China:Address in china: Huiyang Port Industrial Zone, West District, DaYaBay, Huizhou City, Danshui, Guangdong China

Tel 852-2787 9302
Fax (852) 21684098
Contact Person Ms. Didi Chan
Products Splendid Electronics is specialized of imported materials processing and OEM, ODM for customers. 
The major products include international well-established professional audio products, numerical telephone, UPS, cabinet of commercial equipment. 

We offered consumer electronics products, car audio, electric product, telecom products with SMT process, components insertion, soldering process all together final assembly.

We are able to provide PCB layout design, mechanical and software design which according to our customers requirement in order to provide ONE-STOP SERVICE.
Investment Country Hong Kong China

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