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Almar Enterprise Co Ltd
Ansen Electronics Company
Array Electronics (China) Ltd
Atek Electronics Co Ltd
Beau & Light Ltd

Bor Hurng Electronics Enterprise Ltd

Canbase Trading Co
Centralab Hong Kong Ltd
Chows Electronics Ltd
E I L Co Ltd
Effective Industrial Co Ltd
E-Hsin Microelectronics Corp Ltd
ENW Electronics Ltd
Etri Asia Pacific Ltd
Fair Electronics Company
Farnell Components (HK) Limited
Fenghua (HK) Electronic Co
Forward Electric Co Ltd
Function Telecom Co Ltd
Golden Sing Industrial Company
Hi Quality Electronics Co Ltd
Hong Shun Electronics
Hosonic Electronic (HK) Co Ltd
Karin Electronic Supplies Company Ltd
Katri Far East Co Ltd
Kemet Electronics Asia Ltd
Kit Shun Co
Lucky Top Technologies Ltd
Man Yue Electronics Co Ltd
Mantech Products (Hong Kong) Ltd
Marketa International Ltd
MIS Electronics Co Ltd
Mobicon Electronic Supplies Company Ltd
New Brightness Industrial Company Ltd
Philconic International Ltd
Progress Components Ltd
Richwood Electronics Co Ltd
RS Components Ltd
Rudolf Electrical Ltd
S A S Dragon (Holdings) Ltd
Samtron (Far East) Ltd
Sider Electronic Industries Limited
Sky Electronic Co
Skytex International Limited
Smart Good Enterprises Ltd
South China Electronics Co Ltd
Tak (HK) Ltd
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