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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Hong Kong Recycling Company Limited

Contact: Ms Ng Wai Ha, Vecell

Tel: 2728 1119
Fax: 2728 1088

Email: sharontsang@hkrecycling.com.hk 

Hong Kong Recycling was founded in 2000. Our mission is to build a natural and loving world in which men and other living things can live healthily in harmony. In order to achieve this, we start our service first in Hong Kong. We provide environmental protection consultation and organization to serve different customers and develop various collection and education activities to enhance citizenˇ¦s concern towards the environment. Hong Kong Recycling believes that everyone can and should participate in environmental protection. Hong Kong citizensˇ¦ knowledge in protecting the environment has been increasing. Property management companies introduce environmental protection policies, and primary and secondary schools invites us to design interesting and educational activities to help teaching the next generation. To thanks for your support, we will continue to provide comprehensive measures against pollution and create a green and natural environment for you.


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