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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) K Y Trading Company Limited 

Address: 22/F,
Grand Central Plaza, Tower 2,
138 Shatin Rural Committee Road,
Shatin, Hong Kong 

E-Mail: info@kyt.hk  

Tel: +852 34768777 

Brand Name: Western Blended Products, Roadware 10 Minute 

Product Description: “Western Blended” wall protection system, 100% direct imported from USA. Water and fire resistant, hide all cracks, stop efflorescence, prevent paints peel off, mould & mildew resistant and easy cleaning. Suitable for both interior and exterior walls, roofs, platforms and driveways. “Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender” can repair cracks, spalls in just 10 minutes. Deep penetration and won’t pop out like epoxy. Forms 4500 psi polymer concrete when combined with manufactured sand. Best for highway and car park. Building Paint & Coating, Wall & Roofing Material, Waterproof Materials 


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