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emptyspace.gif (920 bytes) Goldgrate Fibreglass Company Ltd 

Address: Rm C & D, 18/F Hollywood Centre,
No. 77-91 Queen's Rd West,
Hong Kong 

E-Mail: info@goldgrate.com.hk  

Tel: +852 25472609 

Product Description: Goldgrate factories have over 20 years experience in research and development of Fibreglass reinforced composite material and products. Major products include GRP pipes, tanks and recycle bins. GRP, GRC, GRG indoor and outdoor architectural feature mouldings, claddings, ceiling panels, Chinese/western-style decorative pillars, column cover, planter boxes etc. Ceiling Materials, Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic, Fireproof Material, Decorative Panel, Pipe/Pipe Fittings 


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