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Intellect Battery Co., Ltd 

Address: Rm 824,
Nan Fung Commercial Centre,
19 Lam Lok Street,
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Booth: 11A08

E-Mail: info@intellect-battery.com  

Tel#: 34210019 

Web: http://www.intellect-battery.com  

Brand Name: INTELLECT 

Product Description: Intellect offers unique EV battery packs, with lowest IR and high-drain 10C+ With >KWh modules in multiples, designers for HEV, Plug-in HEV, or even BEV can make an easy kick-off. No waiting for expensive BMS IC, Intellect batteries are simple & economic to handle with. Go REAL green transportation with Intellect! 


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